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About Moodzer

Moodzer started as an educational tool our CEO Trevor Greenleaf and expanded into a powerful design tool that helps creative people communicate their ideas and style plans in a visual manner. A mood board allows you to develop your ideas, express them visually to others in a snap, and can even help you plan a design project from start to finish. Developing Moodzer has been a work in progress. Check out our timeline below to learn how each update moved us closer to the fully functional program we now offer.


Moodzer V1
Originally envisioned by founder Trevor Greenleaf in 2014, Moodzer was a platform for his students to develop mood boards. He saw that it was difficult for them to communicate the visual style they wanted. His students were searching google and other sites to find inspiration, essentially collecting. But they needed something more concise to show the actual visual direction they were striving for. Three months later and Moodzer Beta 1 was released.

Moodzer v2
In 2015 Moodzer had grown too over two thousand boards. The system originally created was not meeting the needs of the steady growing users. The Team had learned a lot from the last build. Users asked for new features and a complete rebuild was in the works. Released with a better grid system and some basic image effects making boards was even easier and more robust.

Moodzer V3
In 2017 Trevor had a new vision for Moodzer the Board system was easy to use and very fast to collage images but users need inspiration.
Users need a place to put their images not necessary to make a board but to just collect images. They also needed a place where they could search and contribute to a curated collection of creative inspiration.
Along with these new features and many more, this vision came to life we hope you enjoy it.

Moodzer V4
In 2020 what is now the current version of Moodzer came to be. A streamlined clean and robust way of creating and collaging images.