January 20, 2021

3 Different Ways To Use Mood Boards To Design A Website

Website design isn’t purely analytical. The visual representation is just as crucial as the scaffolding behind the scenes. To make an eye-catching design that is fully branded and easy to navigate takes a mixture of careful planning and creative inspiration. The functionality and the visual design need to work hand in hand to tell a story and provide value. There are several ways you can use a mood board to help you design the perfect website. 

A mood board is a collection of images that inspire a particular design or style. Mood boards can be used for many purposes, both artistic and planning. They can be used for brainstorming, executing a plan, and for pitching ideas to clients when needed.

Using A Mood Board To Inspire Your Website’s Visual Design 

Mood boards are perfect for helping you bring something from your imagination to life. If you’re starting a new web design project and don’t know where to start, a mood board can help you brainstorm ideas. Using a digital mood board like Moodzer can make the process of adding, deleting, and swapping out images a breeze. You can tweak your design until you get things just right.

Essential Things To Add To Your Website Design Mood Board:

  • Color choices
  • Images that relate to the feeling you want people to have when they visit your site
  • Patterns, icons, and colored objects that relate to your subject or brand

How A Mood Board Can Help You Keep Your Website On-Brand

If you’re working on a branded website, you’ll want to make sure that every page of your website and blog all look the same. A mood board can be created as a branding guide that includes the exact colors, typography, and style of images that are to be used. You can include the logo, tagline, and mission statement of the company if that helps you create a cohesive branded design. 

If you are forced to work with specific brand colors, this could also be a great way to get ideas of how these colors can work together in images. Select images that have pops of colors included in the brand’s color palette. 

Web Designers Can Use Mood Boards When Working With Clients 

Freelancers and agency workers who are hired by clients to design websites will find mood boards especially useful. One of the many benefits of a mood board is that it gives a visual representation of all the ideas in your head in a way that makes sense to other people. You can earn a client's buy-in trust and work collaboratively with them to create a design they will love. 

A digital mood board can be shared with a team and with clients. It can also be used in presentations and pitches when trying to earn new business. Using a mood board when working with clients will give you a professional edge that could win you higher paying contracts and repeat business. 

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