January 4, 2021

Brand Your Social Media Accounts With Mood Boards

The difference between a personal social media account and a business account isn’t just showing off what you have for sale. It’s a unified look that expresses the personality of the brand. Once you’ve spent a lot of time carefully crafting a cohesive brand guide (which can include colors, fonts, and even tone or messaging points) then you need to plan your social media content to include those elements. 

Important Elements Of Branding Your Social Media

Having a creative look that is pleasing to the eye is very important on social media and if you’re on multiple platforms, you want to make sure that your look is consistent everywhere. Many people achieve this by creating their own branding guide for their business. The branding guide will help you with marketing both in print and digitally. 

Here are some of the most important elements of a visual branding guide:

#1. Brand voice & personality 

Is your brand fun and playful, super serious and knowledgeable, or quirky and cool? Your brand’s voice and personality will help you pick out the best colors and fonts to represent you. 

#2. Brand Colors

Color is going to bring life to your brand. You’ll want a color palette that you won’t grow tired of because you’re going to be seeing these colors a lot! You need principal and supporting (accent) colors. Find your perfect colors by looking up color pallets online. Use your theme or niche in the search, such as “boho fashion color pallet” to get lots of great suggestions. 

#3. Brand Fonts

Nothing says “nope, not this brand” like a tacky comic-sans font. Choosing fonts that work for your brand is going to be key to keeping visual consistency. You can use these fonts on your website, your logo, and your social media content. Take note of the font names and also the styles and weights at which you will use them for headings, subheadings, and regular text. 

Using A Mood Board To Brand Your Social Accounts 

Now that you’ve put so much work into your branding, how can you make sure to keep things consistent in all your social media content? The perfect and easiest answer is to create a mood board for each social media account you run. This will give you an at-a-glance reference to look at when creating content. 

Because each social media platform is so different, it’s recommended to make a mood board for each. For example, your Instagram mood board will include square-shaped photos and filters that are popular on the app. You can use inspirational photos from others to build your board or start saving all of your own favorite posts to your mood board to create something truly unique. 

Include both photo content and text-based content so you can remind yourself how each should look. You can even go one step farther by creating a mood board for planning content for different seasons or holidays of interests to your brand. Mood boards are great for gathering inspiration, generating ideas, and planning or organizing your posts. 

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