January 20, 2021

Creating Car Mood Boards For Fun And Profit

Mood boards are powerful tools for anyone working in design fields or marketing, but did you know you can also use them for fun? The beauty of mood boards is that they have many uses and can help give us a ton of inspiration. If you love cars or work with cars, then we have some suggestions on how and why you might use mood boards. 

#1. Creating A Vintage or Sports Car Mood Board 

Let’s have fun for a moment. No matter who you are, you can probably appreciate a classic vintage car or a luxury sports car. If you love cars, then creating mood boards can be a relaxing creative outlet. Share them with your friends, print them for your wall decorations, and just enjoy making them. With vintage car mood boards, make sure to pick a matching font, some trendy color pallets, and throw in a few retro photos to give viewers a sense of the times. 

#2. Creating An Exterior Or Interior Car Mood Board For Design Ideas

If you’ve been tasked with designing a car, be it a full-sized automobile or a diecast hobby car, you can use mood boards for your design. With mood boards, it is easy to see how different styles and elements work together. If you are planning an interior, for example, you can include photos of dashboards, gear shifts, textiles, colors, and more. Exterior features can consist of hub caps, spoilers, hood ornaments, lights, and color choices. 

#3. Curate A Beautiful Automobile Mood Board For Marketing or Blogging

If you’re trying to market new or used cars, diecast collectibles, auto repair services, or anything else car-related, then a mood board can help you plan and visualize your campaign. A sample mood board can even be used as the marketing content itself as a brochure photo or social media post.

#4. Use Mood Boards To Plan Or Remember A Road Trip 

Do you love packing up the trunk and hitting the open road in search of new adventures? You can use a mood board to plan your next trip, keeping lists of maps, attractions, and fun places to eat along the way. Or you can use a mood board to remember your journey with personal photos mixed in with car exterior and interior photos. Make sure to include what music you listened to, what meals you enjoyed, and the different scenery you saw along the way.

#5. Use A Mood Board To Visualize Owning Your Favorite Type Of Car

Create a vision board to help you buy your dream car. Purchasing a car is a considerable investment, and getting the car you’ve been daydreaming about could be a hard goal to reach, depending on the cost. You can motivate yourself to work hard to reach your goal by creating a mood board you can use to visualize owning your new car. Include close up shots of your favorite features like the price, a savings plan, and photos of the car on the road or parked in front of a home that looks like yours! 

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