January 4, 2021

Essential Ways Fashion Designers Use Mood Boards

What Are Mood Boards?

Fashion designers use mood boards to accumulation inspiration for a design or fashion line. Use them to gather textures, patterns, colors, and people that embody and set the tone for your designs. You can create a physical mood board on display boards and polish your ideas digitally. Fortunately, there are specific tools that facilitate taking your fashion collage online.

Minimalist Fashion Mood board

How Fashion Designers Use Mood Boards

Make a mood board to keep the design process fluid. Fashion mood boards establish baselines that define your collection in terms of color palettes, material, and overall aesthetics.

Some of the benefits of creating digital fashion collages include the following.

Spring Fashion Mood Board

Simplify Collaboration

Creating a mood board allows your customers to take part in the design process. You can learn the textures, styles and colors that make your client happy, as well as which ones to stay away from. When you have your fashion collages online, it takes just a few moments to make edits and add fresh ideas for your next pitch.

Keeping an electronic version of the mood board allows you to access it from multiple devices at home or work. This simplifies the collaboration process with the sewing room or manufacturing floor.

Summer Fashion Mood board

Grid Style Mood Boards

Some mood boards act as prototypes. They show your designs in 3D. The components of the board can be moved around and modified. This is particularly helpful if you want to add digital photos and illustrations and present a cohesive digital product. For example, Moodzer allows you to surf through thousands of curated images without even leaving the site.

Fall Mood board

Use Mood Boards to Add Interest to Your Fashion Site

If you have a website, make a mood board that shows your aesthetic as a designer — it's okay if this changes over time. Give customers a peek behind the scenes into what they can expect from your work. Mood boards allow you to visualize the attitude a finished outfit will embody. Originality means everything in the world of fashion. Fashion collages allow you to create an abstract or concrete construction of what your clothes represent.

City Mood board fashion

Save Time

Mood boards streamline the ideation process. Let's face it, they are much faster to put together than hand-drawn sketches. Artifacts on the mood board often serve as the inspiration for a unique idea that could become a commercial bestseller or a one-of-a-kind design for a high-net-worth client.

Resources for Fashion Collages

Save time, get inspired, and draw together the ideas for your next fashion masterpiece! Visit Moodzer to curate images, build a mood board, and share it with the world.

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