January 20, 2021

Plan The Best Year Ever By Making A 2021 Vision Board With Moodzer

At this point, it’s safe to say that all humans collectively hated 2020, the year that brought us a global pandemic, lockdowns, loss of income, and other heartbreaks. During all this turmoil and stress, it’s perfectly reasonable if you at some point chucked your entire set of goals for the year out the window. 

Now that we’ve entered 2021, things are looking up. While COVID isn’t exactly gone, we’ve at least got a vaccine, and the battle has begun. It feels safe to start making some big goals again. So, how can you make a powerful vision board to help you achieve your goals for 2021? 

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a specially curated collection of photos, drawings, words, and quotes that help you keep your goals front and center. Many people are motivated visually, and this is a fun and creative way to stay focused on your goals. 

You’ll want to take these steps to create your 2021 Vision Board:

  • Brainstorm your goals. You might have a few big ones but also a ton of little ones. During this process, you’ll narrow your list down to just a few. 
  • Create your final list of goals and start to think about how you want to represent them with visuals.
  • Choose what kind of vision board you want to make. You can go old school and get out magazines, scissors, and glue, or you can leap into the digital age and create a vision board on your computer. 

Why 2021 Is The Year To Make Your Vision Board Digital

Creating a digital mood board is just as much fun as the old fashion cut and paste version but with even more cool options! You can find photos and images from all over the internet, add words and quotes in cool fonts, and move things around as much as you want. Unlink paper versions; you can alter your digital mood board whenever you choose. With Moodzer, you can drag, drop, and delete to your heart’s content. You can also share your vision board easily on social media or by email. If you want to have tons of fun with it, you can even create a collaborative vision board with friends, family, or coworkers. 

Things To Include On Your 2021 Vision Board With Moodzer

Use images to remind yourself of the final result. What will your goals look like? Use words to remind you of the steps you need to take to get to your goals. Finally, use quotes to inspire you along the way. 

Your vision board goals might be related to money, business, travel, career aspirations, tangible items you want to purchase, or skills and hobbies. You can make one vision board for everything or separate them into work and personal life. Make sure to put a copy of your vision board someplace where you will see it often. You can print your Moodzer vision board and hang it up in your bedroom or office. 

Let’s make 2021 a year full of endless possibilities. 

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