January 4, 2021

Use A Mood Board To Plan An Epic Photoshoot

Are you planning a photoshoot to capture an awesome milestone like an anniversary, birthday or engagement? Are you a professional photographer that likes to plan intricate shoots and collaborate with your clients on the creative process? Either way, professional or hobbyist, a mood board can help you collect your thoughts and ideas. With a highly visual creative action plan in place, you’ll be able to take perfect photos for lasting memories. 

What To Include On Your PhotoShoot Mood Board

Creative people use mood boards to organize and communicate their ideas visually. Many people find it easier to grasp concepts visually and this goes double for creative types. You can use mood boards to gather inspiration, make key decisions, and plot out all the elements you need to bring the whole design together. 

Here are some of the most important things to include on a photoshoot mood board:

  • Inspirational images of great photos taken by other photographers. If you are doing a pregnancy photoshoot, for example, you would compile the best photos and ideas you’ve seen done before of those perfect baby bumps and birth announcements. 

  • Color pallets to pull it all together. You’ll need three or four colors that you want to be the overall theme of your composition. Do a google search for color schemes or color pallets plus the theme of your photos to get a ton of ideas. If you were doing a Disney birthday photoshoot for example you would search “color pallets for Disney photoshoots.” 

  • Photos of local locations. Where you will do your photo shoot is also very important. You can put together a few photos of the space you are going to use and let that space inspire your pose and composition ideas. The location can be your home, your backyard, a local park, or even a famous landmark. 

  • What will everyone will be wearing? Finally, you can also include fashion photos to help your subjects choose their outfits. This will make sure everyone has the same colors and styles in the way they are dressed for each photo. 

Ways To Use Your Photoshoot Mood Board 

Photography mood boards for personal use can help hobbyists plan a well-coordinated shoot that looks totally professional without dropping a ton of money. Hosting a DIY photoshoot for family and friends is a great creative outlet but it can take a lot of planning. Use your photoshoot mood board to organize your thoughts and inspire you with lots of fantastic ideas. 

Professional photographers can use mood boards not only to plan their shoots but to communicate with clients. You’ll create a mood board to present to your client for feedback. Together, you can work collaboratively to plan high-end photos that everyone will be raving about. The mood board will help set expectations, make it easier to choose outfits, and give your brand a very professional look. This is quite possibly a step that is completely missing from your competitor’s process and will help you stand out. 

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