January 20, 2021

Using A Digital Mood Board For Party And Event Planning

Besides helping you create the perfect look for your fashion or home, mood boards are excellent tools for planning events. While a house party might be easy to throw together, special events that you want to become memorable will need a bit more work. You can use a digital mood board like Moodzer to help create a perfectly coordinated event. With a digital mood board, you can make changes on the fly and collaborate with clients or your fellow party planners.

Select A Theme For Your Party

A coordinated party needs a uniting theme to tie everything together. You can go with a type of style, a favorite hobby or movie, a decade, or just about anything you can think of. If you are unsure about your theme, you can use one mood board just for gathering theme ideas for inspiration. Your theme creates a color palette and mood for the event. Weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate events can benefit from having a specially selected theme. Look for photos that inspire the tone you want to set for the event.  

Plan Your Menu

No matter if your party has a five-course seated dinner or just snacks and a cake, you’ll need to plan the menu ahead of time. Use a mood board to organize recipes or get inspiration from vendors if you’re having the event catered. Even the color and plating of the food can represent your party theme. You can show your party planning mood board to caterers and bakers to make sure everything fits with your theme. 

Party Decorations

Party decorations separate your event from the mundane and let your guest know just what type of party they’re walking into. The right decorations can help set the stage for your perfect party. To gather ideas and make sure your theme is being incorporated fully, you can use a mood board to pin ideas and photos. You can include notes about the cost and where to order your desired decoration pieces.

Event Entertainment 

Choosing the music, hiring a DJ or band, or coming up with an elaborate entertainment idea such as a murder mystery dinner, can involve a lot of moving pieces. Keep everything straight by creating an entertainment mood board or adding entertainment pieces to your existing party planning mood board.

Putting It All Together On A Mood Board 

You might have one large mood board or several small ones by the time you’re ready to move from the planning phase to implementation. If you’ve used several individual boards for the theme, decorations, food, and entertainment, you might want to combine them into one overall event board at the end. Put together a few photos from each of the categories above to create your party mood board. A digital mood board allows you to share instantly with other party planners and work collaboratively. You can also use it to communicate with vendors so they can see your overall vision for the party.

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