January 4, 2021

Using Interior Design Mood Boards To Plan Your Next Project

Using Interior Design Mood Boards To Plan Your Next Project

Are you remodeling a home or contemplating redecorating your master bedroom? It can be a complex process and without proper planning, you could end up with a miss-matched mess instead of the stunning design you were envisioning in your mind. That’s why professional interior designers create and use mood boards to plan their projects. The technology and tools you need to create a mood board aren’t only available to professionals though, anyone can use them. In fact, Moodzer.com makes it simpler than ever to create your own mood board.

Get Started Remodeling Like A Pro With Mood Boards

A mood board is a collection of images, sketches, swatches, and notes that inspire you. You can make a physical mood board by cutting and pasting photos and swatches onto an actual board. That may sound like fun but it’s hard to transport or share with others. Digital mood boards erase those boundaries and let you access your mood boards from anywhere, at any time. People use mood boards to organize their ideas for projects like interior design and fashion design. They can also be used to help plan large events like weddings and graduation parties, or even corporate events. Professionals use mood boards to communicate their ideas with clients. It’s a versatile creative tool that lets you try different combinations of looks and ideas before committing to the final project.

Interior Design Inspiration Stage Using Mood Boards

Before you start your interior design project, choose one room to start with. Look for photos in books, magazines, blogs, Instagram, or Pinterest to gather photos of anything and everything you like. Your first image collage will be a creative mess, and that’s ok. The second step will be curating your images to just the ones that speak to you the most. Look for patterns in color and theme that arise. By the time you are done, you will have a more organized collage of similar images that invoke a specific feeling within you.

Set aside colors, patterns, textures, and themes that you will need to keep in mind when making design choices for the room. You’ll refer to these often as you work on your design.

Planning Your Designs With Mood Boards

The final stage will take your creative ideas in a more linear and logical direction. You will begin searching for specific items for your room starting with the more basic functional items like wall color or flooring. Look for the perfect paint, tiles, fabrics, carpet, etc that you will need and price them out. Include notes on your mood board about quantity, source, and price along with the photos.

Next, move on to the fun part! Selecting furniture and accent pieces that will really make your space come alive with personality. If you need to go out in person to source these things in antique shops and stores, no problem, you can take your digital mood board with you on your SmartPhone or tablet. You can also easily share your ideas with family and friends to get their opinions and support.

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