January 4, 2021

Using Mood Boards To Create A Home Decor Theme

When you look at a well-put-together home, while admiring the homeowner’s decorating skills, one of the first things you notice is a clear theme. Instead of being an eclectic mashup of decorating genres, there is a sense of order and feeling of belonging created by using the same design style throughout the home. The secret to discovering your favorite style and keeping it consistent while decoring is to use mood boards during your planning stage.

The Top Five Decorating Styles Popular In 2020 And Beyond

Trends come and go, some lasting longer than others. Since decorating your home can be expensive, you’ll want to carefully balance flashy trends with classic design styles that will stand the test of time. Here are the top 5 design styles we’ve seen in 2020 that will likely continue to be popular for quite a while.

1. Contemporary

The contemporary style includes a wide range of styles developed in the latter half of the 20th century. It includes softer rounded lines, careful use of texture, and tend to showcase space.

Contemporary Mood Board

2. Boho

Boho style is full of culture, color, and interesting artifacts. It’s a more carefree and relaxed style that many people associate with hippy culture. You’ll find a lot of your best boho pieces at vintage shops.

Boho mood board

3. Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse continues to be a hot trend in home decor. Reclaimed wood, deep sinks, shaker cabinets, hanging barn doors, and a rustic look all help to make up the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Mood Board

4. Mid-Century

Mid-century modern design comes from the 1930s to the mid-1960s. Its retro look is nostalgic, full of clean lines and curves, and often includes a vintage bar set up.

Mid-Century Mood Board

5. Industrial

Industrial spaces take cues from factory design with exposed bricks and pipes, open ceilings, and very modern lighting. It’s minimalist and often found in urban settings.

Industrial Mood Board

How To Use Moodzer To Create A Theme For Your Home

The style you choose for your home is going to be dictated by your personal taste. It can be easy to veer off course while you’re out shopping for the perfect pieces though. In order to make sure everything matches and keeps within the spirit of your theme, you can use mood boards to organize your ideas.

Create a mood board for each room of your home. You can include color pallets, fabric swatches, photos of furniture, and inspirational images of accent pieces you might want to find. Moodzer makes it easy to drag and drop the images onto a board, creating a stunning image collage. The application makes it easy to edit and adjust photos on the fly. You can also add text to your boards to jot down notes or ideas.

Your mood boards can be accessed online or imported into other programs. You can easily pull up the images to share with family and friends, store clerks that are helping you, or contractors that are helping you bring your design ideas to life. This can be a very powerful tool for individuals or teams of people, keeping everyone focused and inspired.

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